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Creative writing was always fun and easy for Robin during her school days. She was always one of those boring people who took Advanced English classes and excelled at them. She even remembers a short stint in writing The Great American Novel that got derailed (and never picked up again) after the birth of her first child.


Then, along came the internet and a whole new field of writing opened up. Professional website copywriting services require a different kind of creative writing - effective web content that satisifies the customer's need for quick information and also induces the search engines to rank a website higher through SEO web page optimization. Inserting a keyword phrase into website content so it appears natural and not forced is a lot harder to do than it looks!

Writing for a social media marketing program takes Robin back to those days in Creative Writing 101. People want to learn about a company and want to see the business as being an expert in its field. To do that, you have to have engaging content on blogs, on article sites, on Twitter, and on other social-networking web sites. It's an art to write for one while helping the other.


In addition to helping clients achieve higher rankings for their web sites through social media marketing and spending her days writing gripping website content, Robin has been a dental hygienist for more than a decade. This means she combines the research, educational methods, and nitpicky attention to detail required in the dental field, with the kid-gloves approach needed to help you reach your goals (and she implores you to floss daily!).

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